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Spišské Vlachy 053 61 Slovakia

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Is photography your main job?

Yes, I'm primarily a photographer. among the photo shoots I also deal with graphics, painting and make-up. A few times a year I am a lecturer at workshops. Overall, I dedicate every minute of my free and working time to everything I enjoy, and I really enjoy a lot of things.

How long have you been taking pictures and how did you learn that?

On January 13 2021, it was 5 years. It's unbelievable how quickly it went.

I learned a lot on my own but I also took an accredited course and many workshops that helped me fine-tune my technical skills.

What are your goals for photography and business in the future?

I want to create a brand that will evoke in people a safe bank for their memories. In 2021, I want to organize a thematic photo shoot every month, which will be full of experiences for customers.


What genre of videos do you like the most?

Cameramen generally like to create videos where people are relaxed, it gives me and me as a creator the opportunity to develop a story and give it an idea. All this is captured in wedding videos in the style of a short music video.

How did you learn to make videos?

Like everything today. Online. Most foreign cameramen organize online trainings, everything else is just about practice and constant testing and improving quality.

What do you consider important when creating a video?

   Choosing music is often what requires a great deal of feeling. The right choice completes the whole emotion of the video. therefore, this part of the work will really take me a lot of time.