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A little about me ...

z IT technika kameraman- Š

From IT - manager. . .

Video is a mirror of perception

the cameraman's consciousness,

optimism is therefore mine

the best lens.

. . . Cameraman

I used to say that

the wife is the heart and I

common sense of our business.

I got into filming just through my love for her.

Before we sealed our love with the promise of fidelity, I felt very restless when she had to go to the wedding to take pictures of herself and her returns were in the early morning. So I fit into the new role of personal protector. Since I love technical challenges, there would be no weddings where something doesn't have to be solved. At a ribbon party, a student came to me with the question, "I see you have GOPRO, please make a ribbon for us." So I wanted this assignment with full vigor, and instead of shooting a backstage video, I shot the first ribbon.

That's when the impulse and the spark came, along with the discovery that I really enjoy working as a cameraman.

Why? The energy, love, people and experiences you experience every time you shoot are miles away from the office.

I have worked in the world of IT practically my whole professional life. I do everything in life with full commitment, vision, I believe in a higher purpose than just making money. Even if one has abundance, his happiness does not result from what he has. I found a beautiful and loving wife, I got her free and a new craft. And since there is more happiness in giving than in receiving, I look forward to passing on the best through the lens to you.